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Derek Rimelspach grew up in Findlay, Ohio. He attended The Ohio State University and graduated in the spring of 2001 with a Sociology degree and a Film Studies minor. His first film work was on a low-budget sci-fi film entitled “New World” directed by Peter John Ross in the fall of 2001. Since then he has directed several short films including “Hippie Highway”, “Ice Cream Sunday” and won the “Most Promising Filmmaker” award for “Shades of Black” at the 2004 Wreck Beach International Film Festival. He has also worked on numerous other projects including “Death4Told” starring Margot Kidder and “Speak” which was accepted into the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. He currently resides in Columbus, OH where he continues to make films.

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"Eternal" Feature Film, SLM Films, Pre-Production, (2007)

“The Ballad of Victorian’s Midnight Café” Feature Documentary, SLM Films, In Production, (2007)

"The Caregiver", 16mm Short, SLM Films (2006)

"Grudge Match", Short, Sonnyboo Productions (2005)

"Evilution", Short, SLM Films (2005)

"Hippie Highway", Short, SLM Films (2003)

"Ice Cream Sunday", Short, SLM Films (2002)

"Shades Of Black", Short, SLM Films (2001)




“Fraternity House Massacre” 1st Assistant Director, Scream Kings Productions, Producers Alex Pucci and Alex Esber, 16mm Feature (2006)

“ Immortal Orchard” 1st Assistant Director, Immortal Orchard LLC, Producers Tami Reynolds, John Cotugno, Super16mm Feature (2005)

“ Horrors of War” 1st Assistant Director, Horrors of War LLC, Producers Peter John Ross, Phil Garrett and Sean Reid, Super16mm Feature (2005)

“Insert Title Here” 1st Assistant Director, Producer Alex Esper, Director David Sabbath, 35mm Short Film (2005)

“ Dramatic Impact Volume 1” 1st Assistant Director, Producer Josef Salyer, Educational DVD Series (2005)

“ Eagle’s Gathering: American Skin II” (Columbus, OH Segment), 1st Assistant Director, Barking Jake Productions, Feature (2004)

“ Death4Told” 2nd Assistant Director, Fearmakers Studios, Starring Margot Kidder, Feature (2003)

“Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaids Singing” 1st Assistant Director, Mrs. Stevens Productions, Feature (2003)

“Horrors of War” 1st Assistant Director, Sonnyboo Productions, 35mm Short (2004)

“ Again. Love, Beem” 1st Assistant Director, Lowdown Loner Films, Short (2004)

“ Business Solutions” 1st Assistant Director, Director Linda Byrket, Short (2004)

“ License Exam” 1st Assistant Director, Sonnyboo Productions, Short (2004)

“ Independent Band Reality Show” 1st Assistant Director, Dream Depot, TV Show (2003)

“ Sketchcetera” 1st Assistant Director, Sonnyboo Productions, Series of Eight Shorts (2003)

“ Columbus Film” 1st Assistant Director, Director Belle Francisco, PSA (2002)

“ Concupiscence” 1st Assistant Director, Sonnyboo Production, Short (2002)

“ Beer Today Gone Tomorrow” 1st Assistant Director, Director Chris Alexis, Short (2002)

“ The Space Between” 1st Assistant Director, Director Keith Carter, Short (2002)

“ Cause” 1st Assistant Director, 7m Pictures, Short (2002)

“ Best of the Midwest Funk”, 1st Assistant Director, Ratti Records, Commercial (2002)



"Spiderman 3" 2nd Unit, Columbia Pictures (May 2006)

"Untitled Errol Morris Documentary" 4th Floor Productions (2006)

"Columbus Zoo Asian Quest" Commercial, BE Productions (June 2006)

"America's Crime Writers" TV Show Columbus, Oh Episode. Court TV (2006)

"Columbus State" Commercial, BE Productions (May 2006)

“Bob Evans Restaurant” MacGuffin Films, Commercial (March 2006)

“ The Ohio State University Heart Hospital”, Limbo Films, Several Commercials (Jan 2006)

“ Ted Strickland for Governor” Producer Tom Kaufman, Several Political Commercials (Jan 2006)

“ What If?” CBS, 5th Floor Productions, TV Reality show (Nov 2005)

“ Starting Over” Bunim Murray Productions Inc, Auditions in Columbus, Oh for the national TV show (Nov 2005)

“elimiDATE” Dawn Syndicated Productions Inc, Six episodes shot in Columbus, OH (Oct/Nov 2005)

“ Value City Department Stores Winter ’05” Sabo Studios, Several Commercials (Nov 2005)

“ Goodies Winter ’05 Commercials” Ron Foth Advertising (Oct 2005)

“ Grange Insurance” BE Productions, Several Commercials (Sept 2005)

“ Lil’ Beauties” VH1, Reality Show (2005)
“ Safe Auto” SOS Productions, 10 Commercials (2005)

“ Speak” Showtime Pictures, Feature (2003)

“ Living in Technicolor” Director Brian Risdon, Award Winning Short (2003)

“ Apple Computer” Jane Hall Productions, Commercial (2003)

“ Cleveland Plumbing” Sonnyboo Productions, Commercial (2003)

“ Wal-Mart” Premier Retail Networks, Three Commercials (2002)

“ Tori Allen Photoshoot” ESPN the Magazine, Photoshoot (2002)

“ In My Dreams” 7m Picture, Loch Ness Music Video (2002)

“ New World” Sonnyboo Productions, TV Pilot (2000)



"Wicked Business" Producer, Xcursion Productions (2006)

“elimiDATE” Location Scout, Dawn Syndicated Productions Inc, six episodes shot in Columbus, Oh.

“ Charmin” Script Supervisor, Red Studios, Commercial (2005)

“ Betras, Harshman Law Firm”, Script Supervisor Network Affliates, 27 Commercials (2005)

“ Value City”, Grip SOS Productions, Industrial (2005)

“ Jacked Up” Grip Picture Me Rollin’ Productions, Starring Bizzy Bone, Feature (2000)



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